Pasing the equator

Today, August 11th, 2012, at around 10am UTC we passed the equator and went from summer right to winter, the sun is now in the northe instead of the south and the wind moves into the low pressure zones in the other direction. Another 2 days to go, now we can see the end coming. Hopefully the wind stays the way it is now....
Yesterday and huge Wahoo decided to give his life for Marcus and Eva, who happily took the about 1,5m (!; about 4ft) long fish and filteted it after Marcus had a query with it and almost had to go into the water to get the fish who was playing with the boat. The Wahoo was so strong that whilst being on the line he pulled the boat through the wind and waves. Thank god Marcus knows what he is doing and is strong enough to won over the fish..Well, ever since then (yestarday 2pm) Marcus and Eva are eating fish. Amazing we still have fresh food. Fresh fish, still salad we can make...But tomorrow the fresh stuff besides the fish) ends. Marcus wants to give fish to other sailboats at anchor since he and Eva can't finish it by themselves.
Now we're at position 00°39,3'S and 029°20'W travelling course 220° at about 5-6 knots average. We're looking forward to the end of this trip, although the trip itself is nice and mostly calm and we have been very lucky with the weather and food ;-) Marcus professionally brings us to our next target point.

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2 Kommentare:

  1. Are you cooking that fish or eating sushi? Did you bring that Japanese mustard and soy sauce? :-)
    That's about as fresh as it gets, isn't it!
    I'm so glad the winds are cooperating better and wish you good journey!
    WEAR SUNBLOCK and have a great time...
    xxx z

  2. Gut, dass Marcus den Fisch besiegt hat! Was für ein Abenteuer! Und bald ist Montag und dann hoffe ich lesen zu können "Land in Sicht"! Alles Liebe weiterhin.