Bears and Shrimps

We started going after shrimp. On our first try we got 3, on the second one we got one. The shrimp here are quite big, like small lobsters. And as we learned our friends pulled out between 2 and 6 each time, sometimes nothing. So we're not bad with our catch. Still 3 shrimp - let alone one - is barely enough to add some taste to lunch. But we are really happy about our first catch. Neither of us has ever had shrimp directly out of the water. So good.

We always anchor near streams which possibly have salmon so that Marcus can fish and I can take photos of jumping salmon. And we are always waiting for bears. In each of the last anchorages one young bear came out at low tide. Happy to see him we sat and waited hoping he'd go after salmon. But what are they doing instead?? Eat GRASS!!! We still can't believe that. They hang out in the thick long grass and eat it. At least I got funny shots with the grass hanging out their mouth. But really, I am loosing it. Today we thought we're smarter. Get a fish, put it there for him and see what happens. Luckily two salmon were on a self-killing trip making their way up to the dry by hopping until there was so little water left they eventually died. And that was in the stream and part close to where the bear then showed up. But, the bear did not even start looking for fish. He stood there, looked over the water where salmon were jumping and then turned and started eating grass! Two salmo
n near where he stood and he eats GRASS. Argh. Must be the green movement hit the bears as well....
Of course, today I could have finally taken a picture in fairly good light, without rain.

I can't believe how calm it is here in Prince Williams Sound. Always flat mirror water at the anchorages, not one breeze. Unless it's raining. Today was the first nice day in a week. Yes, we just had one week of rain and drizzle, at least heavy fog or thick clouds. Most of the time though at least drizzling. Which did not keep us from walking up the waterfall, fish or do rain photography. :-) But hey, it's so nice to have a beautiful day, just slightly overcast. Perfect for another glacier visit, which we did today. A very beautiful glacier, the only advancing one in Prince Williams, one of 6 in Alaska- out of over 100.000 glaciers. So, very special.
So, we keep on enjoying Alaska, very much!!