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Cape farewell - Farewell spit

Our cottage at „The Inlet" backpackers - with private view to the beautiful garden. The name? Opua. Funny.

Golden bay

French pass

Cape Jackson - rough even on a very calm day

Ships cove in Queen Charlotte sound

Bird sanctuary in Motorua island

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Ready for the south

My friends have left us, we have been driving around to the inner mountains around Nelson Lakes National Park and to the Farewell Split (where we had a VERY LONG walk through sand dunes and over a sand desert), a family toured the Queen Charlotte Sound for 4 days and now our guests for the tour to the south have arrived. So much happening in such a short time. Today we stocked up, we can't starve now. And still we're hoping to catch fish for fresh protein. We do not carry much meet. Tomorrow we're leaving for the last anchorage in Queen Charlotte sound, then we'll make our was back to somewhere close to Abel Tasman national park where we wait for the right weather window to head south. Exciting. 

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Driving through creeks near St. Arnoud „Rainbow Ski Area"

Antique store in Murchinson

Old buildings in Murchinson

Marcus walking cross the longest hanging bridge of New Zealand