Duck missed pot

A hungry and curious duck decided this morning that Alita and its crew look great to check our. So it swam up close hopped on board. It was on the deck astern (hinten) and checked out if there would be a way to get food.

Well, Katrin gave her a little bit of bread, but in the water. So she jumped back out. BUT: it came back. 
The third attempt started from the stern. I saw it swimming behind our boat and came close to sit down and film its probable attempt to hop aboard. Well, it did and I filmed it. However it failed on the attempt for hop up further. So it sat and looked out to the water. 

I went downstairs to get ready to go to land when I get called: „PICTURE"

Running up with my camera in my hand I found Mr Duck already attempting to enter the cockpit, where Alex and Katrin were sitting. I could not believe my eyes!

The last time (unfortunately Katrin and I were on land already) it jumed up higher towards the cockpit. Marcus and Alex did not really pay attention for a second and all of a sudden the duck was gone. Then Marcus saw that our mosquito net of our hatch (Luke) was down and a shock came to his head. You can probably guess what happened next: Marcus looked into our bedroom and there it was, sitting on our bed. Unfortunately the shock of falling into the boat (she had jumped onto the net which is only held up with magnets and did not cope with the duck's weight) made her shit all over our bed. 

She was running around on our bed. 

Then Marcus chased the duck through the boat until he finally caught it with a towel and threw her out. Thank god Alex took the two pictures of the duck on our bed. At least we can laugh looking at them. 
We think she will avoid becoming friendly with boats for a while. ;-) Well, I already washed our bedding, but will wash it again next time I we have a washing machine near us. Wish I could draw I'd draw a cartoon of this situation. Just imagine the duck's eyes when she happily sits on the net and then all of a sudden she drops down into a hole and lands on something soft. Oh my god, this is so funny!