Safely arrived in Tonga

I can't believe it's true. I finally arrived in Tonga and am back on
board Alita with Marcus. Now that I am here it feels as if I had not
been away. Strange. Maybe because I have been here in Tonga before and
because I am home.

In the plane with me was "Her Majesty", the old queen of Tonga. She was
a very friendly old lady, I received the cutest smile from her as she
walked past me. She was sitting across the isle from me. I left the
plane right after her. What a reception here in Tonga.

Alita is even more beautiful than before. She looks way bigger as well.
Marcus did a wonderful job.

So, the piano is stored away, some stuff unpacked. Now off to bed. We
will leave early tomorrow morning to sail up to the Ha'apai group. Won't
have internet there for the next couple of days. Talk to you soon.



I am almost there. Obstacles tried to prevent or delay my coming back, and they temporarily succeeded. I am not there yet, but signs are looking good, that finally, after 9 months minus 2 days, I will be returning home to Marcus and Alita. The minute the reunion comes closer, the more excited I get. I have learned in my life to not get too excited about anything that might come up - whether it is positive or negative. As long as it's not there, it does not really make sense to deal with it. During all this time of absence, I was often asked if I miss Marcus and my life on board. Of course I did, but different than you might think. My life in the past 9 months was committed to my family and friends, to 3 surgeries and work. I was just living the moment and did try not to long for a life, the one with Marcus and Alita, that I could not live at that moment. Of course I could do that so relaxed because I knew I was going back - even though the date for returning had to be changed.

We were supposed to reunite yesterday at 11 am. But my flight from LA left 3 hours late. Boarding was completed, we slowly drove to the runway, were there, turned around because of a flat tire. Back at a gate it took 1 hour to get the tire fixed and start over again. Thank god through that sailing journey I learned patience, to stay calm in situations that I can't change and just accept it. So 16 hrs later we arrived in Auckland, but my flight to Tonga was gone. Instead of 8 am local time yesterday I am leaving tonight at 6pm. Poor Marcus waited at the airport in Tonga in vain, cause I never came out of the terminal and destiny did not let him know in advance. I felt really bad for him. What a disappointment, you want to pick your loved one up from the airport after 9 months and she does not step out of that plane….

It is hard to express the upcoming feelings of excitement of going back on board. Back to the other life. The life on the water, with all the ups and downsides of this life. I love the ocean, I love to be part of the elements, I love the simplicity of life, the challenges that Marcus and I face and solve as a team. Some of you might get envious at our life, at all that we see and of all the beautiful places. But it's nothing to get envious about. It's all our choice where we live our life and how we live it. And no matter where we are, life is always full of challenges, sunny and rainy days. The challenges might be different ones, but they are always there. So, to calm you all down, our life is not just beautiful and paradise. On the other hand, it kind of is paradise, because we choose to see it that way. No matter what.

I had a wonderful time back home with my loved ones there. I was and still am overwhelmed with all the love that I received, all the places to stay that were offered to me. I am grateful for my supporting stepmom, who let me stay with her while re-grounding in LA. We had wonderful talks, she organized that I could hold a photography class and share my experiences in life out there with kids - and thanks to her visit at the hairdresser I met my new friend, Mary, who just spent 10 days with my brother and me in Germany and in return I spent the last 5 days before coming to Auckland with her. I am grateful for my brother and his kindness and friendship, that he let me stay with him all that time, that he cared for me and that we were able to spend so much wonderful time together as best friends. I am grateful for the time I was able to spend at my friend's home after my surgery to be part of their and my godson's life - a time I would not want to miss. I am grateful for the weeks that I spent at my uncle's place during my time of recovery. I did not spend so much time with him in the last 10 years together…I am grateful for the week I spent with my aunt up in Berlin, we had a great time together and with her energized, lovable dog that did not want to let me leave. I am grateful for a wonderful wedding of my friend which I was able to attend and photograph. We spent lots of precious time together before and after and she was overwhelmingly caring for me during my recovery times and thereafter. I am grateful for my new friend, who let me stay with him during my working days. I very much enjoyed my time there and am grateful I did not have to stay in unpersonal hotels. And I am so grateful for all the other times that I spent with my friends and godchildren, the times I got invited over, be part of their life and feel their friendship. Thanks to all of you! And sorry to all the family and friends, that I could not see or visit. Time was getting too short. But we will make up for it!

And I am happy to have met again with some of our ex-guests, who came to visit me or whom I visited. We all shared a special and unique time on board and it was fun to get together again and to chat and remember and enjoy our company. So thanks for your time, Eva, Christine, Klaus, Willi, Christian, Victor, Anna - and sorry Tina, it did not work out, but will next time.

Recovering from all my surgeries I had lots of time I was unable to move, which I used to continue my sailing education. So now I have the SHS (Sporthochseeschifferschein which is the open ocean professional skipper license) and the Long Distance Radio license. So, on Alita we have fully licensed Skipper and Co-Skipper for the security of all. I knew there was something good about the surgeries ;-)

Besides all of that I got to work and I loved it. As always. All the people at that company are so wonderful, I love working with them. I had a great time!

But now I am really looking for more precious time with Marcus and Alita, for new adventures and whatever life may bring.