Amazing day at Kitoy mountains

What an amazing day I had. Kayla, John, the two dogs and I hiked up 2000ft on this most beautiful day. First we walked to big Kitoi lake, took the hatchery boat across the lake in an about 7min ride, then walked through bush, then along a logging track, then through a forest and finally up through grass and mudd over little creeks and over green fields with many many flowers that are kust stsrting to bloom to our lunch top if the world with an incredible view over Afognak Island (where we are at now) and all its inlets and the Alaska Peninsula in the background with its glaciers as well as a view over Kodiak. Stunning, beautiful. I am beyond happy. And boy I loved the workout. I was a bit afraid to go with the two young ones but it was all good. Once we reached the green- flower area we all took out cameras out and started taking pictures. That was a lot of fun and no one felt bad cause we all enjoyed it. After our lunch with a the view we kept walking up and down on the top
area there to get some different views before we made out way back down. We left the hatchery at 9.30 am and returned at 5pm to a bear in the creek out here. Unfortunately the bear said to himself "oh boy, 3 two legged creatures and 2 four legged ones, I better get out of here". So he slowly walked away. At least I had seen him, about 50yards away across the river. Lucky the dogs did not bark, they were too tired. Usually they love chasing bears away. A highlight on our way down was that I saw a baby dear in the woods directly on out way. Funny that the other two and the dogs just ran by and I almost stumbled over the little one. Oh my god so cute. And it behaved well. I guess mom taught him to stay calm and not move at all should a creature come up. So it did. My squeak when I saw the litte one made the others come back. After I took a couple of pictures the others too theirs while we held the dogs back and them we let it alone. Poor thing, must have been scared.

When I got back to the boat I put on my bikini and actually dipped into the ocean water (full body) which has about 48F. Oh that felt so good. Afterwards I sunbathed on the back if Alita until I was dry. It was so nice and warm (in the wind protection).

So tonight after dinner I kept in checking the bear situation at the weer (don't know how to spell that word; maybe it weire or whatever ) and at one point I saw two bears coming down to the beach walking towards that little damm of the hatchery on "their" side of the river. Needless to say I grabbed my camera, jumped into the Dinghy and drove to land. At first the bears were gone but they came back and I got some decent shots including a shot of a bear AND a Fox in the same picture. I love how the Fox also showed up. Oh man, I am so happy. The best television ever, especially when you're kind of close but safe on the other side. I still kept more distance than I could have, just to be sure.