The time for my return to Alitania is coming closer. While Marcus is enjoying the peace in the most beautiful anchorages in Tonga, relaxing and writing a book, I am jumping around here, collecting everything I think we need for onboard,  work, try to see all my friends and go sailing, so that I won't loose it ;)
In 6 weeks, on octber 6th, the three of us, Marcus, Alita and I, finally will be reunited and we are looking forward to our next adventures. From Tonga, where I board, we will sail to Fiji and then back to New Zealand. This NZ summer we will round NZ completely. We'll start in Opua, round NZ at Cape Reinga, sail down to fjord land ("little Patagonia"), up the east coasts and end in Whangarei. The plan will be online soon, we already have the first reservation.

But, not only in New Zealand and Patagonia do they have beautiful mountains. I have them right here in front of my door, half an hour ride by car away.

Ok, I am off to go sailing with my godson and his mother, my dear friend. Have a great day everyone!