Some pix of Huahine

We had a great time here, will write more. Here some pix. The rest will follow...
We're going on to Raiatea tomorrow, looking forward to some snorkeling since the strong wind is gone and we hope to get some good weather for snorkeling.

 Typical: the family grave in the frontyard

 This morning at our anchorage. See the moon?

 Origoinal temple "marae" at Maeva, the oldest polynesian town (archeological sites) in whole french polynesia
 View over the east cost of Huahina, taken from a hill above Maeva

 The west coast. Typical: the turquoise "pool" between the island, the passage and the outer reef. We could anchor there when it has less weind, then it's beautiful for swimming and snorkeling - all along the west coast

 View to Raiatea...
and to Tahaa


Dolphins and Stingrays

Touring around the island on a Scooter (MOped) saturday we passed by the Intercontinental Hotel, who keep 3 Dolphins in a watercage for tourists to pet them and swim with them. We passed by there when 4 tourists were in one basin able to pet one Dolphin. To my astonishment inbetween the session the Dolophin went to jump - we had thought, the water is too shallow. I hate the Dolphins being imprisoned, but I had to take a picture (out of reflex) anyway.
Yesterday and today we passed by a Stingray feeding zone in btween the Hotel and the outer reef and I was amazed how friendly the stingrays are (if you feed them). They let you pet them (free living stingrays) and swam around hoping for some food. Once the boat with the feeder left  yesterday, all the sharks, which had also come for the show, left and the stingrays went back to sleep and buried themselves in the sand again. Today we came there early, only some tourists in kajaks and then one small motor boat. The stingrays were soo cute. Once I had one in the front and one in the back attached to me looking for food. Then they pass by you on the side or around the feet, always touching you. Too bad my camera gave up, we would have so many cute pictures with me and all the stingrays. Well, my memory will have to do and Marcus got one picture before the camera gave up.
Here are some pictures. Soon I will put more picutres of Moorea online.
Tonight we will sail to Huahine arriving there early in the morning.

 See how they touch people's arms?

 Many sharks around us. I didn't care, I was so into the stingrays.

 Look into my eye, baby!

Today - notice the water is soo very clear, incredible. The first pictures are taken from above the water.

 Hihi, I am not even in the water and the first one came already to see if I have something...

 These stingrays are quite big!