Ok,I have to keep it short because I am writing via Sailmail - Radio communication.
We are having a blast down here. Hiking every day. But today topped it all. We're anchored in "Peacehaven", the name is program. As of 10.30am a gorgeous day with no cloud. Marcus made breakfast for me, I baked bread and my birthday cake: cheesecake with marzipan and kiwi inside. Soooo good. Yesterday evening and this morning seals came by and played around the boat for very long. I even got a movie ready. Then today, as we're paddling to the starting point of our little hike to the beach on the other side the seal Charlotte (I called her that name) came and played with us really close, pushed the Dinghy (!), pushed on Marcus' backpack (!!) and played around us. It's all on video. Soo incredibly cute! And then we reached the other side and came to this super beautiful white sand beach, I could not believe my eyes. There were supposed to be yellow eyed penguins there, we saw one in the afternoon. We came back later for sunset but none came back. Instead, a seal came out of the water and we got to witness its procedure between coming out of the water, turning in the sand, until it finally found a place to sleep somewhere in the sand dunes.It took forever to get there because it frequently collapsed for a rest. Haha. Another seal was resting on the path between the two sides thus blocking it and we had to detour. What a beautiful day. A birthday to remember. Always. Grateful.

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Just pictures

We had an awasome time yesterday hiking to Oban lunch time and back at night. After we had dumped the trash, done our internetting sitting on the floor in front of the library with lots of other backpackers we ended up in the local bar where they had Quiz night. That's a british „sport" and so much fun. We ended up teaming up with a british couple, Kate and Andrew. THey were really good, we all were able to contribute really well. We had to leav early just after the last question was asked but just learned that we ended up 3rd from probably about 30 teams. Not bad! 
It's pouring rain now and we're heading on to Port Pegasus in the south. No internet there, sorry. So this is my last post with pictures for a while, thought you might enjoy these.