Alita design

Ready for my friends

Tomorrow my friends are coming for 3.5 weeks to spend with us. Just in time we finished our work. Behind me are 10 days of sewing, almost full days. Cushions, pillowscases, bean bag and a big shoe box for outside in the cockpit. And some small stuff. All looks so nice now, one design in our boat. We love it!!! So worthwhile all the work.


The lighthouse

All it needs is electricity. Gone those timrs when actually people would, at sunset, walk up and light up the light which at sunrise theywozkd turn off again. Or way earlier, when they actually had to keep it going the whole night. Now it's just a lamp.

Don't mess with the lighthouse


Traditional polynesian vakas

They built these according to the oroginals, just with modern material and solar power on them. They do not have a cabin and just some nets on deck to sleep in. Yet they sail around the world. The old polynesian traditions areezperiencing kond of a revival, I loce that.