Ready to go

Alita is all beautiful, everything is working and our storages are full. Today I baked 34 savory muffins (with cheese, evegatables and bacon) to have a good feeding snack the first 2 days as we expect strong wind and very rough seas (and thus I will be seasick). But we want to avoid having to motor all the way - and the wind will get light as of tuesday (probably, forecasts change all the time). So like it has been the whole sailing season around New Zealand, we leave in strong wind / storm so you get to sail at least 50%. It's not bad, we'll have the wind from behind. We're gonna be fast. It's just going to roll a bit…
Crew and captain are all well up, we're 4 people for the passage, which makes this trip good to handle. 

For the last week we have been making our way up the coast from Whangarei via Tutukaka, Whangmumu, Bay of Islands (Urupukapuka dn Robertson Island) to Opua, where we parked in the marina on thursday afternoon. At least this way Christian and Peter were able to see a little bit from New Zealand. Yesterday they hired a car and drove around a bit - to Hokianga and the Kauri trees. 

If I feel well I will post our position every day, but it might not happen the first 2 days, so no need to worry. We should be in Minerva within 5-6 days and we will definitely post from there. But one of us should always be able to send a message, so pls check on the german and english blog if you want to know if we're ok. Talk to you soon!

Here are pix from my stocking up the most important stuff for the next 5 months and good for the passage to Fiji. 

Storage for dry stuff like flour and sugar (I had to vaccum pack it all because of the weavils (Rüsselkäfer))

Meat, ham, bacon, cheese in the freezer

Fridge 1

Fridge 2

Marcus' beer production