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  1. Hi You Two,

    I am not an overly internet blogging and commenting enthusiast but I wanted you to know, I am watching every move you make with great interest. The pictures are awesome and make me long for the sea. Well soon enough (at least for a week).

    So keep on having fun with your trip. Good winds and calm seas and all the best from

    - the other brother

  2. Hello again !

    Seems like it's time now to hop over the puddle now, isn't it? Have a safe trip to Brazil !

    - the other brother (again)

    1. Hey anderer Bruder, danke für Deine Kommentare und für's Verfolgen der Reise....Alles Liebe, M&M

  3. hey sailors :) here is our first comment. We also tried before but had softare problems...thinking of you really often and hope everything goes well. Sure there is nothing to complain or? As we see you are enjoying very much. To read your travel book is such an highlight of a boring night shift. We still hope to meet you any where at any time in this beautiful world. Take your time to explore to world and come around to the african continent. We would be amazing skipper...hahaha. Take care and good luck! Never forget to live to best part of your life! Big hug from Cape Town, Thomas and Angie alias two on the run!!! :)

    1. Danke ihr Lieben! Freut uns, wenn wir Euch auch ein bisschen unterhalten können. Hoffe, wir sehen uns in absehbarer Zeit, auf welchem Kontinent auch immer. ;-) Ich sehe, ihr geniesst Eure Zeit in Kapstadt...Brasilien ist auch schön ;-) Alles LIebe! M&M

  4. congratulations on your crossing! And thank you so much for the great coverage so far! Especially the Fernando pictures are absolutely breathtaking!

  5. My dear friends,
    no i've not forgotten you, how could i even?!

    I'm sorry it took that long, but I needed time to figure things out and let all those questions pondering my mind fade away slowly in order to grab the right ones..

    I reached you, longing for something I couldn't even draw a clear picture of and I left with a whole book full of valuable experiences and lots of honest and friendly advices.

    Those guys put so much effort in what they do, that not even the thought came to my mind of lacking anything. They combine pure profession and feeling at ease by heart. (And be sure, they let you know ;-))

    The quote "It is a wish from my heart that this trip on Alita shall be as unforgettable for you as it was for me. For this I will give my best." is so much of a true story and it counts for both of them.
    One time you found a link to them, it's your very best interest of not losing it and return to Alita. It's not you, who's sailing Alita, she is the one that takes posession of you and guides you.

    Once again I want to thank you and want you to be sure that one time I'm gonna return.. And right now I can't stand waiting for it.

    Take care of you guys - lots of wishes by a new friend.

    1. Thanks Sven! It was a pleasure to have you on board! Looking forward to seeing you again! M&M

  6. How wonderful that you had such a great time, Sven! Michaela wrote me that they really enjoyed having you aboard, too! Your English is absolutely excellent, by the way. Unusually good..why? Have you lived in the States?
    I hope you can go back to Alita some time...I loved hearing how everybody enjoyed themselves so much when you were there!
    ALl the best, Michaela's stepmother, Zabelle

  7. I've heard, recently, that Micha is going to join you for christmas. During my stay she wasn't sure about that. But I wish you a pleasant time, for both of you. :) Thanks for your compliment, I appreciate that. I assume that lots of stays in the U.S and travelling in general paid out. But improvement lurks everywhere. ;)

    I do myself catch often longing for one of Markus famous coffee during the morning or even the smell of it. Just like the noise of s.o. turning over on the air mattress in the next room, escaping the cutting down of the whole amazonas. ;)

    So I'm trying to find some opportunity to return to alita, asap. But I still got work to do and the falkland islands are far away..

    best wishes

  8. Dear Micha, Marcus and Hanno
    have a nice and "warm" turn at the universe of sea. Wherever you are, we think of you and follow your blog.
    greetings from north of germany

    Falk, Andreas and Andreas

    1. Thank you, Falk and Andreas'. We appreciate very much what you have done for us and will always remember everytime the heating system is running!

      Liebe Grüße, Micha und Marcus

  9. Hiya Guys!
    I just had a random urge to look you up again, and I'm so thrilled to see that you are currently in some of the same cruising grounds as two of my favourite sailors! If you see a dark hulled monohull named Calico Jack, PLEASE go over and say hello! They are my friends Travis and Joanne from Key West, and they are lovely people!

    As for me, I'm back in Mexico with my little boat, Rafiki, and I'm looking to head to Guatemala soon. I just captained my first delivery last week with a successful/fun run from Panama to Texas.

    Keep posting the lovely pictures, they are always inspiring and exciting!

    By the way, where was the one taken which shows up at the top of your page? In front of a wall of ice. It is stunning!

    Jackie - Your Easter Island Friend

  10. Thank you for the opportunity of sailing with you. You made this time I've spent on board a special one. I felt very safe on board. Not only is Marcus a very experienced skipper who always knows what to do but he keeps all the safety equipment and other facilities in good shape. I was given a high tech life jacket and an extensive safety instruction. Then I had the opportunity to dive with Marcus as an experienced and patient guide. He managed to find the most adorable places to see underwater. Last but not least he is my weather hero. In accordance to the forecast he found a way to balance the demanding wind conditions with our wishes to go to further places. It was the smoothest passage we could possibliy have had crossing the Pacific Ocean.

    Michaela is not only an excellent cook - she managed to produce a different meal each day out of the few things we had - but also a great financial manager. The expenses were quite low in comparison to what we got. Additionally she organised trips for us, drove the car for long distances and was open to everything else one can possibly need (sewing little presents, drilling holes in shells, decorating, finding souvenirs, taking marvellous photographs).

    Going on a trip with Alita and the crew is a valuable and wonderful experience for everybody who wants to sail.

    Thank you - Anna

  11. Thank you dear Anna, for your lovely comment. It was great having you aon board and we are happy, that you enjoyed your time. Yes, Marcus, as always, has done great in all the planning and managing the trip. Have a wonderful christmas time and see you in Munich next year! Michaela

  12. Hallo Ihr zwei (noch) Unbekannten,

    Sybille und Peter, Münchner Freunde unseres "inner circle, haben mir von ihrer Reise mit "Alita" und dem offensichtlich überaus sympathischen Eignerpaar erzählt und eure Blogs verlinkt.
    Ihr habt nun mit mir einen sehr begeisterten Leser dazu gewonnen, der regelmäßig nach neuen Einträgen sucht. Neben den Schilderungen des Skippers über siegreiche Kämpfe mit der Schiffstechnik faszinieren mich immer wieder die Schilderungen der Skipperin über Menschen, Natur und das als selbstständiges Wesen begriffene Boot. Solche Texte erinnern mich an Bernard M., seit Jugendzeiten mein absolutes seglerisches und literarisches Vorbild.

    Kleine Anekdote am Rand: Peter schwärmt besonders von den langen Spikursen, die von so ruhigen Schiffsbewegungen begleitet gewesen wären...äh? Kaum zu glauben, wenn man wie ich reichlich mulmige Spigeigen gewöhnt ist. Nach den ersten Fotos war dann schnell klar, worin die Spimagie auf "Alita" besteht - Abrakadabra Parasail! Hehe, dazu sagt man in Bayern "Wer ko der ko".

    In diesem Sinn allzeit gute Fahrt, fair winds und all das!

    Harald Paprocki, Landsberg/L.

  13. Hallo Michaela,
    yesterday I visited a presentation from the "Seenomaden" and I was thinking about you immediately :)
    How is your trip going? I hope you are still having a great time!
    Where are you going next - ist Autralia and the great barrier Reef a destination you are going to be?
    So anyway - im am following your trip on your blog.

    (from conova)