So long

"So long my friend til I see you again"

Wow, it's bern 4 years since we had a fantastic time with a group of friends boats through Polynesia and Tonga. 4 years since I last saw these two sweethearts as part of  this group. 4 years since Paul and I made music together- at the beach, with others, he with his guitar and voice and I with my harmonica and my voice. We had such a great time 4 years ago. Then we spent all this time in NZ and Tonga/Fiji/Vanuatu/New Caledonia and home working and working on the boat while they went up to Japan and from there to Alaska, Canada, stayed over winter did Canada again from the north, then down the west coast of the states, to Mexico and from there crossed the pacific to Marquesas, French Polynesia, Niue and now Tonga where we met and have a couple of days before they head on to Fiji to meet other friends and we head up to Niue and eventually Alaska to follow their footsteps (and the footsteps of our other friends of this group who are back in NZ after two seasons in Alaska. 
I am so happy to see them again- and that Paul and I made music for more than 2 hours today. It's a premiere for me and my piano on board to do music with a real musician, not just us. Needless to say I loved it!!! 
Paul and Frances are amazing people. They sail around to help people on remote islands by bringing them eye glasses- for reading, near sighted and sunglasses. They are setting up a project to sail out from Australia again to Salomon Islands and Papa New Guinea with 10.00 pairs of spectacles from the fundus of Lions Club Australia. Anyone can contribute to this project to make the sailing help possibl.
See their website here:  http://www.eyeglassassist.org


Swallow's cave

So we've been here again, in swallow's cave. Something was different. Ah yes, the light. It was incredible and revealed purely amazing colours. Those following pix are not a lie, it's what we saw. In addition to this amazing light the sea was calm so the water was exceptionally clear. And under water I heard whales talk. I don't know where mom and baby where, we never saw them anywhere, but I could hear them and loved it. I dove down all the time just to hear them and see this magic light. Ah, and while the light was do amazing there was no one else in the cave. So, pure magic happened. I love this place!