Enjoying Ha'apai

We are still enjoying the Ha'apais - and will be for a while longer. Alex really gets to know Pacific cruising life. Today for the first time in almost 4 years we had sundowner drinks and some snack on the beach with lovely other cruisers from 3 other yachts. We made a nice little fire and Alex got to show his knowledge in opening coconuts. This afternoon we (all 3 of us) played paddle tennis, Badminton, Frisbee and water volleyball on the beach before taking a rest at the bar. What a great life this is.
Pictures: village life in Pangai (capital of Ha'apai) and Uoleva island - including a toilet with beautiful ocean view. What more is there to ask?
Crazy that most sailors in the pacific miss out on these magic islands. If they make it to Tonga then it's usually Vava'u. Most sail to Fiji, but Fiji has no place like this. That's why we stay in Tonga for the whole season - most of it in Ha'apais. Cheers