Pictures of Hao and Makemo

As promised I do have the pictures online now.

Hao follow this link: http://sailing.smichah.de/#!album-60

Makemo follow this link: http://sailing.smichah.de/#!album-61

As always please find a selection in the following:


Would you like a fresh air shower? Ruins from the french army are being torn down - til 2016

 Our singer, Epu, bought this house from the army and will restore it to move out of town and be at the water. Can't blame him...
 Impressions of the town:

 Town center harbour- not deep enough for big boats

 Army area

 Interesting trees framing the streets.

 Does the word "tabu" come from the polynesian language? "Tabu" in polynesian means "forbidden"

 Speed limit sign without limit but with a great view...


Arriving at Makemo shortly after sunset - with beautiful colours in the sky..
 Isn't that amazing? CLouds make shaed in the cloud behind them with the sun coming from the front

 Our "parking space" here in Makemo. I love it. Marcus does not like it, we're moving on tomorrow. Too bad. I won't have internet nor contact to a town the next 3 weeks probably.
 The "cut" in the reef. This is the south eastern entry to the atoll of Makemo.
 It is beautiful to swim right from the boat.

 View ashore.

 Some images of the town, All very clean and mstly new, built out of stone instead of metal sheets.

 How about this: a nice senior cars home....

 Home deco polynesian style.
 The boulangerie
 This is how many people make their money: coconuts. The cut them in half, let them dry in those piles as you see below, peel out the flesh and put that in sacks. The flesh from 110 coconuts brings EUR70.
 They are starting clean energy here. Street lights all work with solar panels. Here some windmills which however don't seem to work...

Hope you enjoyed the tour through the towns...More in the gallery, just follow the links above.