View from dance studio

Hollywood hills..

Energy in class

Sailing break

Ok, I have to admit I was YERY sad to leave Marcus and Alita for two weeks. It was pouring rain outside and in my heart. Tired from all the running around I stepped abord the United Airlines flight 818 to Houston and after 3 hrs of watching a bit from the choice of 165 movies I fell asleep and lost the time. Next thing I noticed was we were about to land in Houston. Wow. There I had an hour and 20 til the next flight left, but I had to do immigration, pick up bag, customs and check in bah again and hope she makes it to the flight. Houston is a surprisinfly huge airport and of course my departing gate was at the poitn farthest away. Well, I made it just in time including buying a hot chocolate during the transfer run. Once in the plane I half slept again, so next thing I know it was 9am LA and we artived at the gate. I was home with the rental car before 10am and at 1pm I found myself in my first Jazz class at the EDGE Center of Performing arts, the best dance studio in the world. What a great class that was, a wonderful beginning of my two weeks dancing break.
I will continue to miss my two lovers in Argentina, but I will pump a lot of energy into my bidy while I am here and use the chance to express my heart on the dancefloor with beautiful music and chireographies and the energy of wonderful teachers!