We're in Whangarei

This evening, just before the bridge stopped operation we "landed" in Whangarei. This stop is unplanned. Today, while Michael and I went horsebackriding over Tutukaka range with amazing views Marcus checked the generator only to find out that it just quit its job. It started fine this morning, now the starter is broke. Great, this is in addition to our batteries quitting their service. Here go the next over 1000$.
Anyways, we had a good time these past days. Michael and I did the long Cape Brett track again from Deep Cove 2 days ago. Yesterday we motor-sailed to Tutukaka for our today's adventure.
We hope to get everything sorted out tomorrow to head over to Great Barrier Island next. Will keep you updated.

Sunset Russel
Halo in Oppononi
Kauri trees
Deep Cove
Cape Brett
Pizza al tonno (Marcus caught 3 tunas yesterday)
Horsebackriding today