Pictures from Rio and Ilha Grande

As promised here are the pictures to the text I wrote:

Rio: http://sailing.smichah.de/#25.0

Ilha Grande: http://sailing.smichah.de/#26.0

In the following you'll find a small selection. Please follow the links for all the pictures.


 In the marina: view to the statue and the city center
 A submarine just came up
 the famous one and only...

 Copacabana and christ

 Ficus trees

 Smart parking


Arriving at Ilha Grande: here a part of the ships which all had their lights on and made it hard for us to determine what this was. As we got closer I had the feeling it might be boats, but that many!! See the screen on our computer as I was steering through there. We are the green boat....trying to go to mark 008. The ships with the lines in front of them are at anchor, the ones crossed out move in the direction shown.
 Our first anchorage

 and th4e second one, Saco de Ceu, where we had our firest thundewrstorm this year.

Hope you enjoyed the pix.