Bye bye Aitutaki

Our time here is up. We had a great time with beautiful nature and lovely people, as always in Polynesia. I really enjoyed my time here, even though it was raining 2,5 days right after our friends Sven and CHristine arrived. Well, finally they got some sun yesterday and today (we went to honeymoon island today). Tomorrow we set the sails to go to Suwarrov, an atoll which can only be reached by boat. There are only two caretakers living there during sailing season to take care of the national park. Marcus sais there are "pot luck" parties (everybody brings a pot with some food, you're lucky if it's good) on the beach every day, just like we had it in Tahanea. We hope to see our New Zealand friends again there. We expect to be on the open sea for three days, we'll see.

Tonight the net is a bit faster so I was able to upload some pictures. Enjoy.

Lagoon at O'opnou beach
 I Love this tree which they had to cut for the street
Typical for all polynesia: graves are mostly in the front yard of the private houses. Most of these graves have a house construction around them to protect them from rain, some are even lit at night.

Sunrise and moonset 6am with unusually calm waters
 Lagoon of Aitutaki looking towards honeymoon island

 Island Night after dinner dance show in the style of Heiva


Honeymoon Island
 Typical bird on honeymoon island. THe island is named after their mating habit on this island.
 Overview of Aitutaki

 Waitresses in island style
 Sunset dinner at Tamanu Beach Resort