Love NZ

Merry christmas

After 2 beautiful sailing days (with an overnight stop at Whangaruru Bay) we anchored in Deep Water Cove where we started (and ended) a 5 hour hike to/from Cape Brett. A gorgeous day, a gorgeous christmas with Sibylle and Peter. We put up lots of lights yesterday and put a lamb roast in the oven yesterday for a super good late dinner after sunset (it gets dark at 9pm). This mornin we had christmas morning cinnamon rolls from our Alaskan sailing friends on Fran and Richard on red. What a treat! Sorry that I hadn't written before, we rarely have internet connection. Wishing you all wonderful holidays!!!


Gorgeous day out!

We're sailing!!!


Seriously, what would you do if finally your boat is ready, all clean, all working, sails are up and you keave the harbour to let the quiet season start? Right, you start (finally) making christmas cookies because it's almost christmas. Ok, and we did fishing the Kiwi way. How? We had to raft up to a Catamaran in front of Whangarei bridge, which is closed in after work traffic hours until 5.30 pm. We started talking to the guy and his family, the typical lovely Kiwi, as you do. Talked about South New Zealand and how lovely the people are and how fishermen always give something to boats cause there are so few of them coming there. Next thing I hear is that he is ind of those Crayfish-fishermen..,We chat a bit more, then I went doenstairs to make my cooking dough. Next thing I know is that he gives us a bag with fresh fileted King Fish, a super specialty, for our dinner. That was so lovely of them. Boy, this fish was GOOD! I had really missed fish in the meantime. Fresh fish. And the trade tradition...
Now I'm back into cruising life - despite baking cookies...


Ready 2 go

We're in the water without a leak, big grocery shopping tour is done and stored, Alita cleaned and living room usable, the last caulking / glueing work outside done, the genoa and foresail are up (I had to go up the mast though) and so much more. We're ready to go. Tomorrow we're heading out. Out hurting backs, knees, numb fingers will remind us of all the work for a while. But when we finally sail and see our firt sunset out in a bay I am sure this will all be forgotten. We're looking forward to getting out of here.

Storing 1/2 of the shopping


New Alita

It's been a tough two weeks with long working days, but now we're mostly done. Alita is more beautiful than ever. The super painting job ob the deck that Marcus did with Daemon here at Norsand, our new fake trak deck (Permatek), the new interior that's makes us think the sun is always shining. And of course the Antifouling that Marcus put on which hopefully lasts for the next two years. All of this stuff handmade in long hours and hand-put-on!

Big thanks to RoSch Yachts in Hamburg Germany for the super production of the Permatek deck according to my master plan and for going through the hassle of sending it here with the glue. It worked out well even though you had never seen Alita in person - only photos with the master on and measurements. We already love our new deck!

Last but not least we put the new name sticker on Alita- the old one had to come off due to the paint job.

Now my friends an christmas can come! Happy 4th of advent!