My favourite night shot so far

Kenutu island, on the very east. Beautiful sky. A couple of weeks ago. Love it. 

Enjoying the last days in Tonga

10 days ago we came back to Neiafu. We have  been waiting for an answer to our request for extension of the temporary tax exempt for our boat ever since. At least this gave us the chance to stay here and wait for the weather window, which is showing up next week. For a week now Marcus has been really sick, he still is sick, very unusual. I hope he if fine by Tuesday when we want to leave - have to leave. 
I used this time to be just a little sick but well enough to run around, gather the last food that I think we will need in the upcoming 5 months, organise diesel for Tuesday, and do a couple of walks just to see more of the area and to have my daily exercise. Just the hot weather is working a bit against the exercise wish. Well, on the other hand, it does not really matter where the water keeps running down on me in streams. Better if it's ashore and does not put extra moisture into the boat ;-)

At nighttimes, when it is cooler, I used the chance to work on my photography skills. I worked on night shots and finally started using the editing programs more to enhance the outcome. See for yourself! It is fun, but lots of work and I can work on the computer only at nights when it is a bit cooler but then I don't have as much power, can't charge it at night, so „only" 2 hours a day maximum. 

So, if I was not ashore shopping I was on the boat cleaning, storing food, and preparing some goodies: croutons, more tomato chutney, muesli, ….It is really a lot of fun to cook in the heat, adds moisture to the food ;-)

So long, battery is low. I will write my final good-bye soon. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures. 


Good night Neiafu

Extraordinary sunset tonight. One of our last ones in Tonga. Will check out tuesday.
This picture taken with my iPhone and unedited. What a perfect scene. Beautiful good bye.