Hallo lieber Alex,
derzeit haben wir mal wieder kein Internet.

Falls es aus irgendeinem Grund eine Notwendigkeit gibt, mich zu erreichen, dann geht das (fast immer) täglich unter dieser E-Mail Adresse. Bitte nur kurze Textmails!
Wir haben jetzt ein paar Tage am schönen Strand verbracht und gurken leider aus Wettergründen morgen weiter RIchtung Marlborough Sounds. Am 25.1. werden wir in der Nähe von Picton aus dem Wasser gehoben.
Melde mich wieder.

Liebe Grüsse

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Time to play

Yesterday I pulled out my electronic piano to see if it still works and I needed some distraction for my mind. Thank god it works just fine anf sounds really good with my new headphones. The new tablestand that I ordered from Italy - because I could not source it anywhere else - is really awesome. I can adjust the height and the position of the table so that I can have the correct position in front of the keyboard. So far, on a regular dinner table, it was way too high.

In memory of our rough trip down here the first song I played was "Bridge over troubled waters". I wanted to play more songs but was not able to focus on sheet music so I started to improvise. The outcome is a new song that wants to be the basis for my first Alita sailing soundtrack. So, there is a challenge. I've got the idea, now I need time and patience and studying my new composing program and lots of creativity to get this going. Fun!