Travelling the South Island of NZ

On tuesday, dec. 10th, I left Marcus and Alita to fly down to the South Island for a week. After all the wonderful South Sea and warm waters I really needed to see grass, mountains and glaciers again. So I took the 4hr bus from Opua to Auckland, took the bus to the Airport, flew down to Christchurch, got picked-up from the Rental Car company, rented the car and drove to my pre-booked Backpackers. Wow, after 10 hrs trip I jumped right into their Jacuzzi, that was great. The Hostel "High Country House" was very nice, real old country houses in a nice garden setting, all rooms with high ceilings. But, I have to say, all the Backpackers I stayed in to far were beautiful. Last night I even had a 6-Bedroom for myself, with private bathroom, for 24NZD (about 13EUR). Nothing to complain about. Big, well equipped kitchens, most of them have Jacuzzis (Whirlpool), WIFI, etc. And, the best, you meet lots of nice and fun people, travellers of all ages from all over the world. Mostly of course young people, but even some around 60. Everybody has a great story.
Right now I am at Glacier Franz Joseph, named after Sissi's Husband, the emperor of Austria-Hungary.  I walked up there today with a french girl and a french-canadian guy, whom I picked up at the street. It was nice, but I am afraid that after Patagonia I am just spoiled. New Zealand is really beautiful, in many ways like home and in most parts like little Patagonia. What is very unique here and I guess only at this time of the year, are the millions of Lupinia flowers onthe sides of the streets and everywhere. You'll see in the pictures. Not only the view, but also the smell was amazing. This itself was worth the trip to here!
Here are some pictures of the last days. Enjoy.

Christchurch - not much is left here, the earthquake in 2009 destroyed most of it
 A christian college
 Love this sign

 Lake Tekapo

 The famous historical church of Lake Tekapo. Many use it for their weddings

 Merry christmas!
 And here are these amazing flowers!

 View over Lake Tekapo towards Mt. Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain, and Mt. Tasman, the second highest. Of course with the clouds you see them.

 Back to the Lupinas

 I couldn't help but to "co-photograph" this wedding couple.

 And another wedding couple, at the Mt. Cook lookout. Only, that Mt. Cook decided to hide...

 Sorry for the wedding couples: the next day the weather was perfect, so I drove back from Twizel, where I stayed, to take these pictures.
 And here he is, Mt. Cook, the highest mountain of NZ

 A good part of southern NZ is desert. Better to say, all on the east of the alps. It's funny, how the landscape changes from desert to green as you go past the peak line of the mountains in western direction. All of a sudden today there were many trees. Now it's all green here on the west coast - and rainy

 View over Lake Wanaka, where I stayed yesterday. Almost the view from the Backpackers as well.
 Lake Wanaka

To see more pix, click on the following link:
Pictures of South Island NZ
I will continue to upload more as the days go by....

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