And the view while you eat

Fresh food for grill or wok

Asian Buffet

Our german boat neighbours took us here. A restaurant, buffet style with fresh food preparation while you wait. Very good.

Ready to leave?

So, that's what it looks like when the day of leave is coming closer?

Marcus changing the Diesel filter

Poor Marcus has been working on servicing the engine all day today.
Last service is the Diesel filter in our bedroom. We do sleep on the tanks. Unfortunately you can smell a little sometimes.
I was running around all day trying to get all parts Marcus needs for his further constructions. Finally I found the oak wood he needed - but no one to cut it. The big electric saw they have in the homedepot is not strong enough! So I had to cut it manually with a saw they provide just behind the cashiers. Puh. But I just cut it in half, we will have to cut the rest here, cause I don't know the sizes that Marcus needs.
And I got my sewing machine. Now I can fix some things and sew some more water resistant bags with the reminder of the cloth which we used for the sunsail.

Shopping in Gran Canaria

No matter what you're shopping for (food, appliances, electronics...) you can always do so with the most gorgeous ocean views. Here: outlet center "Las Terrazas".


Marcus' new necklace

Since we're travelling to a country with a population with mostly african background we thought Marcus also needs a nice necklace like the men there have. It's 6 meters long, weighs about 8 kilos and is only for strong, proud men. Proudly, Marcus has the life raft back. Finally.

Alita slowly getting ready

New sails up, Bimini up, chrome polished, and Marcus still working...

Tight storage

Since storage room is tight, we have to optimize the storage. Here one in the back, full with lines and the Spinnaker sail.

Drying herbs

Since I love fresh herbs in my food I bought some which I an drying outside now and thus can use it for a long time.


Day of filling up the proviant

Whil Marcus has been working on the boat, installing the new control until for the heating and trying to get digital maps for the new navigation system I went to organize some things and made the first big shopping for food. I think we have enough til Brazil, Marcus thinks different:-) Well, I still have to get some stuff, but we run out of storage place. I went to LIDL. That's great cause you can get stuff like Schwarzbrot, that you usually can't get anywhere else. I bought lots of cheese and spanish ham and lots of vegetables which I'll cook before we leave to have some "fast food" on the way.
Here you see some of the stuff, already stored away.


Second morning

After an eventful day yesterday we slept oue first night with the new mattresses. Great! We worked last night til it got dark. We tested our storm sails and prepared them so that we can quickly put them up. The first time that I have seen storm sails. Today we'll install the new big sails (Genoa, Gib, Main). And: clean the boat.
Now we're at the sailor's bar for breakfast and internet. They have a wonderful hot chocolate here. It's so rich that the spoon can stand in the cup! Yummy.
The weather is ok, but very windy. Would be great for sailing but is also great to get air into the boat. Enough relaxation for now, back to work.


Couple hours later

All boxes were empty, all stored in the boat. Now some lunch before food shopping...


The good news: they all fit in. That was amazing!

Picking up our freight from the airport

We had sent some stuff by air freight and picked it up this morning. How many of these boxes would fit into our Toyota Yaris?


We arrived at Alita

So, about 3 hrs ago we arrived here in the harbour. Alita is well, just a little bit dirty outside. We unpacked our bags, just had a small dinner at the sailors bar and will soob head towards the BED!
Below you see our luggage in front of Alita at the point of arrival. Amongst it my red bag from Deutscher Sparkassenverlag, a gift from my customer. Have a great night.

Good bye

So now the time has come. House is empty, car is sold, family and friends have said good bye in a wonderful party at Cafe Neuhausen last night. And of course my last Ballett class yesterday with Thiery. Oh how much I will miss all that. But now we're looking forwad to the trip of our life. It'a hard to leave my home after all those years living there, but our new, floating home is worth the change. We have to thank our families and friends for all the support, without which this whole thong would be a lot more complicated. I especially want to thank my dear brother for taking care of all my stuff and our uncle. Meanwhile Alita is soo much looking forward to getting company again. We're at the airport now waiting for the flight. Now there's no way back:-) The last week has been hard, very short time for the trip preparation. Yet all worked out in the end and I still got to say good bye to all my friends and go to my dance classes and Salsa. Now I have to dance on the boat. Pole dancing? :-) So, good bye Germany, see you soon! Michaela