Some more pictures

Here is the remainder of the pictures taken during the trip, mostly of our beautiful Alita in action though. Enjoy.

Also you find an update of pictures in the photogallery. http://sailing.smichah.de/#18.36

Bay at Guarapuá (Ilha Tinharé)
 Look at the high density of freighters and tankers at anchor in Salvador...(photographed from our navigation screen)
 Returning to Salvador under sail

To the left of Salvador you see all the ships at anchor
 Alitas back with my mattress on her...

 One of the freighters (from Hongkong) was full of containers from "Hamburg Süd"
 The guys

Photos ouf of Sven's camera

Sven took some pictures of Alita and us, I took some of him and from the masttop with his camera. Enjoy. Thank you Sven for the right to publish them.

Marcus and Micha in the water in Itaparica

 The famous bridge
 Preparing Micha to go up into the mast. Sven pulled me up.
 I just love being up there. The view is always incredibly beautiful. This time it was a bit less calm up there, but fun. I just checked if all was ok.
 View from the top

 Sunset in Catú
 Jaimy's incredible garden park.
 We followed Jaimy out from Catú. The passage is hard to find, the maps are not correct, you have to know where you're going to not sit on a sandbank

 5 minutes after Marcus had put the line out he had a fish. a kind of makrele. Our dinner in Gamboa.
 Horst, Marcus and me with the tornado catamaran before the start

 Sven jumping off the boat in the bay. After that picture, I asked him to do it more elegantly ;-)
 And he did
 On the way to Itaparica on tuesday we set the Spi for an hour. Sven loved this beautiful sail. It's huge.


Pictures Itaparica- Morro do Sao Paulo

You can find the pictures as usual in the Photogallery:

A short selection comes in the following. Since my power is down, I will comment them later...

Catù (Ilha Itaparica) and the canals/rivers there, Jaguaribe:

Beach at Catú

Islands with houses on them, in the Canal de Itapaarica. Beaches are only there at low tide

Sven is happy

We had to pass under this bridge....It was a matter of centimeters. lucky
I thought we'd hit the bridge. But only the radar antenna ouched a bit
View back after passing. We were happy
Catù. Marcus friend Jaimy lives here, has a house with a gate and direct access to the water. The sailboat you see at morring is his.
The river we drove along to Jaguaribe
Screenshot of our map

Alphorns we found on a rooftop
Green growing on the rooftop of the church
Do you see Alita?

Moro de Sao Paulo (Ilha Tinharé)

Beach ot Gamboa, looking past the Iate Club towards Morro do Sao Paulo
Central church in Morro do Sao Paulo
Beach No. 2 of Ilha Tinharé at Morro d. S.P.

The guys overlooking the beach...
Brazilian Langnese...
Micha relaxing on her air matress in bay of Guarpuá (Ilha Tinharé, 10 nm south of Morro do Sao Paulo)