Coromandel Peninsula

Hiked up the mountain. Quite a walk through rainforest, quite a hike, quite some rain...

Coromandel Preninsula

It has taken me only 3 years to finally get to "Hot water beach", a place on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula south of Whitianga where the beach comes with a natural floor heating. Yes, thermal heating. The closer you dig your relaxing pool - hole to the center of the heat the hotter your "pool" water. And then you lay there overlooking the beautiful ocean. For a cool down you just jump into the rolling waves. This was truly my paradise. Just too many people on that small spot. The rest of the beach is empty. We were lucky to be able to get there at all because usually the waves are to rolly to be able to anchor near the beach. Marcus took us close with the Dinghy but then Michael and I swam ashore through the waves. I enjoyed it very much.

Next stop yesterday was Cathedral Cove, the pix speek for themselves. After all the ocean water the shower under the waterfall felt so incredibly refreshing, ahhhhh.

Now we're anchored on the west side of Coromandel Peninsula. We will visit Coromandel town tomorrow. The day after that we will continue to Waiheke Island which will be last stop for Michael.
So long....


Pix of Last week

Ok, we're busy sailing and hiking. And playing games while sitting out rainy days.
In Whangarei I rented a car and Marcus and I drove to Auckland to buy new batteries.
A day and 1300 NZD later we left Whangarei and sailed to Kawau where we spent a beautiful day with a hike, a visit in a cafe where we saw peacocks eating at the table and swimming at an island that looks more like it belongs to French Polynesia.
We continued on to Great Barrier Island where we did two beautiful rainforest hikes (mostly in the rain :-)) and had a day off in the rain yesterday where all of us did something on our own while sitting on the boat. So I finally pulled out my piano and played and tried to advance my latest composition but nothing resulted from that attempt. Oh well, next time then.

Here some pix. I have to admit I don't take many pix at the moment, maybe more once we arrive at Coromandel Peninsula / Whitianga later today as this is new to me. Tomorrow we want to go to hot water beach, dig a hole and sit in our own hot pool. I've been wanting to do that in so long, so I am excited. Hope the water (swell) will allow us to do so.
View from Orewa(near Auckland) towards Kawau island
Next picture: view from Kawau over towards Orewa
Funny tree
Peacocks at Mansion House on Kawau
Two more views towards Orewa and this tropical island
Spirit of New Zealand, sailing school ship, with lots of people in the mast