I don't have much to write about here. Tourist point: the Royal palace. Besides that, Nukui'Alofa is surprisingly green and quiet and offers some decent cafés and restaurants. We are anchored outside of the harbour on Pangaimotu island, where I went snorkling with Anna yesterday at a wreck. Here are some pix. More are online, follow the link: http://sailing.smichah.de/#!album-78

 The Royal Palace



Pitcures from Ha'apai

I have already written about Ha'apai, here are the picutres.
All the pictures can be found in the photo gallery: http://sailing.smichah.de/#!album-77

I love the local dresses of men: a skirt, a mat around in the waist, FlipFlops, a jacket and then a computer on the shoulder...
 School kids in their uniform

 Running pig mama and kid

 The king's summer residence. I think he has not used that in a long time

 Local school boys
 A lady in Ha'aveva hospital, where we helped our friends from Monkey Fist to give out reading glasses to the poor people.

 Duende sailing with the spinnaker up

 Where did the boat go?
 Incredible under water coral world....

 3 Leopard sharks, the girl is on her back, the men try to hold her down ....