Na Pali coast Kauai

Sorry I have to repeat myself. This place is insane. And if you thought sailing is dangerous, you have not done some of the cliff walks here in Kauai. Insane: the trail, the view, everything. Gotta love this place.


Kauai insane - at night

No words. Just insane. Good night. 

Kauai from another planet

This island Kaua'i is pure magic, amazing, astonishing, crazy. All the towns make you feel like 100 years ago with their historic house faces and the nature is just out of this world. No matter where you go, you will love it. The hikes are are breathtaking, they make you speechless - at least the ones in and around the Canyon. But all hikes have their own charm. We loved our hike to the waterfall and my shower in the falls as well as the Canyon hikes. There is so much to write. This will take more time which I don't have right now because I am busy hiking and taking pictures and preparing them. I have so many pictures as well, lots of panoramic ones which I need to stich together. So for today I can only upload a couple, but I wanted to share this amazing place with you. Even though pictures can't reflect the beauty really. You have to see it to believe it. As you can see, I am absolutely in love with this island. So in love that I don't care if it's raining every day. And that I did my long hike today in the rain, arriving at the view point in rain but being lucky that the clouds cleared a bit for s short moment to reveal the beauty of the bay. Jaw dropping. To top it off I did a little after sunset night shoot in a place I had selected when I drove up this noon. Just stunning.


Animals of the day

Waimea Canyon

Ok so we had our first meet up with Waimea Canyon and it blew us away. We could not believe our eyes. We came just before sunset so there was not much light in the Canyon. But the evening sun that came through the clouds was really pretty. 

Kailua Falls

Here is a nice panorama of Wailua Falls.