Happy Easter

Well, we did not celebrate easter, but we had a wonderful easter weekend here in Kawau with our lovely sailing friends Pete and Rae. They sailed out on their sailing yacht just to have a final good-bye weekend with us. Love them! While Marcus and I sailed over to here (Kawau) from Rangitoto yesterday they sailed from their marina and we met for sundowner and dinner on their boat Saliander, a beautiful Tajana 54. I hadn't seen Saliander in 3,5 years- I last saw her in Raiatea. Pete and Rae sailed up to Alaska and kept Saliander up there for 2 seasons while they came back to NZ over christmas for the Alaskan winter. They have given us lots of information about Alaska and the islands on the way so we're well prepares now for our trip up there. We're hoping to see them again in Alaska one way or the other. For now we had to say good-bye for god knows how long. That's cruising live. You meet many people, become friends very few and then you separate and don't know if / when you're ever gonna see each other again. At least thanks to all the modern means of communication you can stay in touch. And yes, we do. All of us that spent so much time together travelling west through french polynesia in 2013. I can't believe that that's already 4 years ago⛵️⛵️!

Here are some pix of our last week: Rotoroa island, Rangitoto (volcano island) and sunset today at Kawau.

Tomorrow we're using the wind to head up to Opua over night to get our sail problem sorted out. The good part about that: we'll finally see our friends Fran and Richard on their sailing yacht Red before we also have to say good bye because our paths are separating. Tough life.


Here are some pictures of Auckland taken from our short trip to Rangitoto Island - an old volcano - and from the Rangitoto lookout, which is probably the best view of Auckland that you can find. Of the weather is with you, that is. Auckland to me is the world's most beautiful harbour. Nowhere else can you be at a beautiful island anchorage in an hour and have water you can actually swim in. Love it here!