Back again

Dear Blog followers,

it's been a long time since I last posted. In the meantime I had two amazing months at home with family and friends. I went skiing, went to a concert and to the theatre, did lots of dancing, had many weeks of visitors and enjoyed the time with my godchildren. We renewed the floor in two rooms and the hallway at my uncle's house and painted the walls in two rooms at my house. It was just wonderful. At the end I was ready to go back to Alita, who got already lonely in the beautiful Ko Olina Marina in Hawaii. She had neighbours to chat to, but a good part of the marina is empty. They are very strict in who is allowed into marina. Except for very few exceptions no live aboards. So we had to leave the marina 3 days after we returned. At least Alita was in a clean and safe place while we were gone. Last thursday we sailed back over to Ala Wai Small Harbour and took our "old" place next to the party boat again. At least we get to use the internet of our neighbour as a kind of a payback. And it's closer to the city from here.
Our friend Amy has been so incredibly kind this past week to drive us around to get all the shopping and errands done that we needed to do. Not only did we pick up our serviced life raft, a new toilet and gas but I also already did most of the stock up for the trip up to Alaska! That is so good to have off my back.
A week ago on sunday a new friend Paul, whom we met on the airplane and who is a tour guide, spent his free day to drive us first to the sunday flea market and then around Oahu. How wonderful and kind of him. We had a great time.
If we have not been shopping or baking bread Amy took me for Yoga classes, that was great as well. It feels really good to work out. Also we have done lots of work. Marcus on Alita and I did work on photography participating at a competition and preparing for my Getty application.
Last Sunday Amy and Pete took us on a long hike up the hill and over to a ridge. It was way harder than anticipated, but who knows me knows I loved it. We all still feel it.
Early tomorrow morning we're leaving Honolulu harbor for good- trying to anchor out as much as we can to save money. As soon as possible we'll head over to Maui and meet up with our friends on "Cheers" -Joanne and Gary.
We had a good time here, especially with our amazing friends Amy and Pete but also with all the people at the Yacht Club and also our boat neighbors who let us use their landline broadband internet.

I will write more and nicer stories soon.
So long