Long time....

...has past since I last posted.

While Marcus is busy working on ALITA I am enjoying my time in LA with dancing and holding presentations about our trip. I love sharing our experiences with people who don't have the chance to go out and live all this themselves. I especially loved speaking in a photography class for kids. Tomorrow, thursday the 30th at 12 noon I am holding the presentation at the California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey. Come, if you can! It is public.

On feb 8th I will be sailing in a J24 Regatta and on the 9th just an afternoon relax sail in the bay of Santa Monica. This is especially exciting since my first ocean sailing experience was in LA in 1986 and I have not been sailing here since 1988!

Poor Marcus is working very hard day and night to make ALITA even more beautiful, comfortable and secure! One by one he is working on the enhancements and on fixing issues, which seem to never end popping up. One problem solved means another one coming up. And all this although ALITA is in super condition, especially compared to most of the other boats. But he says he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. ALITA is going to be even more gorgeous than she already is! I can't wait to come back.
Check out the german blog for pictures and stories (in german) of the work on ALITA.

Also, we have worked out the travel plan for this year. It is already online in the german website:
Alita Reiseplan 2014

The english version should be online soon.

I will join ALITA and Marcus in Tonga around July 22nd.

In the next days I will upload some videos from Alita sailing and Alita with dolphins. I will post the link. Enjoy!