Taiaroa Head- leaving Otago harbobur

There are so many awesome people out there. Met this nice guy at Dunedin and had a good chat. 
See what he sent us from our Departure in Dunedin. What a lovely gesture and super cool picture- Alita with an Albatros!
Thanks Andi!!!

Here is the message:

Hi guys,


I spoke to you Michaela(?) on Monday down on the pontoon at the yacht club (man with son!). Looked up your blog; enjoying very much in coffee breaks at work, thank you. Thought you might like this screen dump I grabbed last night while the children and I were watching the Conservation Department's live Albatross webcam.  You guys weighed anchor off Aramoana beach and sailed across the reflected setting sun behind the mother bird, it looked magnificent and I felt a pang of envy! Have fun. Andy



Stewart Island

So we anchored up the river last night to survive the storm coming through. We're in an inlet where probably no other sailor ever goes, maybe a small local craft.
Just for your orientation here is a screenshot of the chart of New Zealand. We are now on that little spot to the south of the South island, where the yellow tag is (the lower one)

All good in Stewart Island

We had a safe trip down here and have already had a blast in the last two days down here. We saw groups of penguin swimming, seagulls fighting, got hunted by seals (that will be a dunny movie), welcomed and visited by seal at our anchorage, saw lots of birds on Ulva Island (inkl. grey and green parrots), just the Kiwi has not shown up yet. But you can't always be lucky. But everyone else is keeping us really entertained here! Unfortunately we do not have internet connection, so my blog entries in the the next weeks will be few and no photos. In the meantime I'll prepare short movies from our times down here, hopefully including my own music. We're just so busy with all the hiking...
We might get online in Oban tomorrow or day after, then now net until end of february. We'll see. Keep tuned.

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Good by Dunedin / Port Otago

Had a great time - like 2 years ago. Got everything done, stocked up for two months, watermaker repaired, upholstery / cushions fixed, new batteries for bow thruster/anchor winch, cleaned, 5 machines laundry airdried....met old and nee friends. What more to expect from 3 days that felt like a week?

Micha & the hector dolphins video online

You can see me swimming with the cutest little guys here:


Now we're on our way to Stewart Island. Back online in 2 days



We safely made it to Dunedin, motored about 60% of the way. Leaving beautiful Akaroa I swam with about 8 Hector Dolphins!!! A dream came true. Yes, they swam up to me, curious, sweet, playing, beautiful. One came so close I litterally had to take my hand away so that I would not touch him!!! I have a little bit of that on my GoPro, will hopefully edit the little movie tomorrow.
It has been a busy day. Upon arrival I started doing the laundry because I need to air dry everything (drier is too expensive and today would habe been slower than the hot air amd wind). I got to know Pete who then drove Marcus and me to the city for grocery shopping. That was very kind. I had to do groceries for 2 months, that would have been a nightmare with the bike, especially since Pack'n Save is far away from here, probably 20 min by bike - and I would have needed at least 5 trips...So greatful! Thanks Pete!
So our day was quite successful. All laundry done and dried and all shopping done. Frank, the commodore whom we met 2 years ago where we had a great time, has also already visited us. Such a "hello". Fun. This is our last stop where we know people for a while. Until we get to Doubtful Sound where we will see Billy and Wilma - and hopefully meet a friend from my work in Germany who happens to come through there during his NZ vacation. So, lots going on. That's how I like it.
To celebrate I made HUGE burgers today. Now we're in food coma and ready to go to bed- especially since we had a short night last night due to our watches...
Good night, happy sunday