We safely made it to Dunedin, motored about 60% of the way. Leaving beautiful Akaroa I swam with about 8 Hector Dolphins!!! A dream came true. Yes, they swam up to me, curious, sweet, playing, beautiful. One came so close I litterally had to take my hand away so that I would not touch him!!! I have a little bit of that on my GoPro, will hopefully edit the little movie tomorrow.
It has been a busy day. Upon arrival I started doing the laundry because I need to air dry everything (drier is too expensive and today would habe been slower than the hot air amd wind). I got to know Pete who then drove Marcus and me to the city for grocery shopping. That was very kind. I had to do groceries for 2 months, that would have been a nightmare with the bike, especially since Pack'n Save is far away from here, probably 20 min by bike - and I would have needed at least 5 trips...So greatful! Thanks Pete!
So our day was quite successful. All laundry done and dried and all shopping done. Frank, the commodore whom we met 2 years ago where we had a great time, has also already visited us. Such a "hello". Fun. This is our last stop where we know people for a while. Until we get to Doubtful Sound where we will see Billy and Wilma - and hopefully meet a friend from my work in Germany who happens to come through there during his NZ vacation. So, lots going on. That's how I like it.
To celebrate I made HUGE burgers today. Now we're in food coma and ready to go to bed- especially since we had a short night last night due to our watches...
Good night, happy sunday

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