All good in Stewart Island

We had a safe trip down here and have already had a blast in the last two days down here. We saw groups of penguin swimming, seagulls fighting, got hunted by seals (that will be a dunny movie), welcomed and visited by seal at our anchorage, saw lots of birds on Ulva Island (inkl. grey and green parrots), just the Kiwi has not shown up yet. But you can't always be lucky. But everyone else is keeping us really entertained here! Unfortunately we do not have internet connection, so my blog entries in the the next weeks will be few and no photos. In the meantime I'll prepare short movies from our times down here, hopefully including my own music. We're just so busy with all the hiking...
We might get online in Oban tomorrow or day after, then now net until end of february. We'll see. Keep tuned.

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