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Major Ice breakout at Columbia glacier today

I went back to Columbia glacier today, with a tour that took me all the way to the face. We drove along the whole face for an hour. Once almost everybody was back inside (cold from rain and freezing) and I was about to give up hope a major breakout happened and I got it all on the camera! That was luck. I was amazed that this big, wide glacier, which has so many huge floating ice breakoffs (still too small to be icebergs, but when they come down, like the one I saw, they are bigger than Alita) did nothing for an hour. I could not even hear one crack. Weird. All the other glaciers we've been to cracked the whole time (mostly interior). But, Columbia is different. I have to say though, that all the other glaciers were basically sitting on land and their front moraine while Columbia is about 700ft deep in the water at his face. So a lot of break offs come from underneath and just pop up (I saw a small one pop up). And the breakout I saw today was so big it fell over a bit and then sank into the water before it came into free fall….Still very amazing.