Day 10

We keep on traveling with changing winds and thus keep reefing the sails in and out. After a decent downwind sail in winds up to 27 knots (6-7Bf) we are back to sail teaser no wind and small wave pushing us around. As of tomorrow noon we'll have two days of strong wind before we have to start the engine again to each Durch Harbour. We're about 120nm west or our Rhump line (ideal course to destination) so that we can sail more downwind in the strong wind period.
It has gotten really cold an humid. Plus we're navigating in dense fog right now so our only eyes is the radar. It has become very moist in the boat with sweat water already in the bilge. With a water temperature of 8deg C (48F) Alita is freezing and has contracted a bit making it a bit harder to open the floor panels as they sit really tight now. The expected water temperature at Alaska is6 deg C, so it does not get much cooler...
Our current position at 01:32 3.6.2018 local time (UTC+10) is
44deg47,2N and 166deg 39,3W