We're in Penrhyn

At 1045 this morning we dropped the anchor - 4 days after we left Suwarrow. This last day was a fast sailing day. Although I spent almost the whole time in bed sick I am worn out.
I'll tell you more about our fist impressions on Penrhyn later. A beautiful, clean and somewhat bizarre place. But lovely. About 350 people here, 200 of them in this town, Okara, 50 in the one on the other side and the rest distributed.
Need a shower now and rest.



We're 80nm south of Penrhyn, should arrive there tomorrow around noon. I am still trying to recover, the men are ok.

Current position at 2100 local time:
10deg 16,6S and 158deg 12,9W



It's very calm, we've been motoring for a day already. Praying for wind, we need our diesel.
Unfortunately I am very sick so that the boys are dividing the shifts amongst themselves. My cold came back im a bad manner. To weak to do anything. I am in fever and sweat all day. In addition we have always over 30deg on board, so we don't even get a break from the heat. I hope I'll be better soon.

Current position at 2125 local time:
12deg31,9S and 160deg 22,7W