Mission completed

Yes, we did it. We went hearing for Kiwis at night (it was so dark we couldn't see anything on that 2,5hrs walk, but I used a small red lamp to find the path), and saw 2. At Ulva Island, alongsinde with many beautiful birds, like parrots, during the day. But the most surprising chance came yesterday. In the afternoon we walked on a track on the main island across the inland, far away from tourists. And although it was still light we basically stumbled over a Kiwi who did not even care about our presence. So he kept on digging for food and got something major. And I was able to film that (with the tele lens of course)!! So here are the pix of the birds and the proof of the KIWI existence: 


Arrived at Stewart Island

On our way to Stewart Island lots of Mollyhawks (this big bird similar to Albatros)

Last nights crayfish Here we are now: Stewart Island

Tonight's sunset

DInner desert Dinner: crayfish pizza. Yummy!!!

Dusky Sound

After Doubtful Sound we spent almost a week in Dusky Sound and had a great time. Not so much exhausting tracks but beautiful sights, dolphins, sea lions with their babies, catching and eating (cray)fish. We had just such an amazing time, best of all at Anchor Island. A fisherboat came, we chatted, they promised me crayfish for the next evening, I made a cake in return, they did not show up, we were too full to eat the cake from all the bodies of the 5 caryfish that Marcus got diving, fisherboat came next morning at 10am just before we l eft towards Stewart Island, we got 2 monster cray fish, they got the cake. Crayfish for dinner last night during the passage, crayfish tonight for my birthday dinner. Life could be worse : ) We had a great passage, stars greeted me into my birthday and a sweet breeze (although we only sailed a total of 2hrs last trip), beatuiful sunrise at Stewart Island and after a short visit to the 400-people-town Oban where we got some groceries we left halfmoon bay again to drive around the corner where we are anchored now and got the most beautiful sunset to our crayfish pizza dinner with a Kiwi-crumble-cheesecake as desert. Wow. Great day, only that we took a nap in the afternoon. 

Here are pix from Dusky sound: 


I could watch these guy the whole day, so cute!


Marcus ready for diving for caryfish and a small crayfish

View from Anchor Island

Dinner with 5 crayfish bodies (the tails are in the freezer): 

1st round Marcus ready to start -and see my tool prepared 2nd round

                                                                              Left overs