Monster tuna, Minerva and Fiji

Mr. 31kg yellow fin tuna

Minerva Reef


Tuna all packed up for the freezer and dinner


Just made a new anclet


Levuka (Fiji)


Our current position: island Lukevuia




We safely made it to Levuka (island Ovalau in Fiji) at 10 am this morning. We're all cleared in and already have the cruising permit. Since we haven't sailed in a long time we lifted the anchor again and are on our way to the other side of the island :-) We should find a nice protected anchorage at a beach. Hope we find it in the dark...
Just saw this on the way....


On our way to Fiji

1,5 days ago we left Minerva Reef -after a short snorkling stop in Minerva south - towards Fiji. Wind plays games, as always. We motored about 12 hs during the first day, yesterday noon til after sunset we sailed under spinnaker and then changed to regular sails (genoa, main). All is good, the weather is fine, we should arrive in Fiji tomorrow evening, clearing in thursday. We're headed for Levuka, the ex-capitol of Fiji which seems to have missed the last 150 years of development - so my guide says. We'll see. Looking forward to LAND.
Just before we left Fiji Alita came up with a wonderful surprise. The watermaker quit his work. Of course just as we were low on water. So instead of going snorkling in South Minerva, which Marcus had been looking forward to for a year, he crawled into the sail compartment and took the waermaker apart. He found the issue with the help of the troble shooting manual and it was the ETD (as high presure pump), which had just been replaced! Thank god he had taken the old one apart during our trip in south NZ and replaced all the seals, so this one works. Now he needs to repair the new one. Just as he put ht ewatermaker back together, it was working fine, it stopped working. OH NO! THe elctronics quits its job! So, only a direct connection with a manual switch was able to help. The electronic control has to be repaired. Either we will be able to find the problem or Christian will take it back to Germany, have it repaired and send it to the next person coming to us this year after the repair. Just as you think you have done everything and all is good the next surprise comes around trhe corner. Thank god for hero Marcus, there is almost nothing he can't and does not fix!
Current position: 20deg41,6min S 179deg51,5E

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