Project 1: beds completed

So the first project that is completed are our beds. I might do the guest beds as well and have to do the curtains - while Marcus is finishing the under-boat job: 2 layers of Anti-fouling will be applied today. So far so good. Will start with fixing the deck tomorrow together. We'll keep you posted.


First day

After a super cool flight with Air New Zealand on sky couch seats (3 seats form into a sofa!) we were ready for our first exciting day. Our friends picked us up and we started the crago company -customs- cargo company - freight loading area marathon of getting papers, paying fees, get another paper and pay more fees until 2,5 hrs and a breakfast later we were able to start the drive from AKL airport to Whangarei to our dear swimming - and currently on land -home Alita. A quick lunch and grocery shopping (while we had someone to drive us) later we were ready to start the work. What does a woman do before she stores new stuff? Yes, clean the boat. About 4hrs and a ahower after our friends left us Alitas living areas were clean and most of my stuff stored away and I fell into no dreams but a deep and spound 12 hr sleep night. No jet lag!
Today we're back to normal boatyard working day. Ok, I first cleaned the kitchen and tools so I could eat something. Then I set up my depserately needed means of transportation: my bike.
In the meantime we also pulled up the new deck and rolled it out to see if it fits. Except for 2 small stairs it is perfect!!! Yay. So now Marcus is grinding underneath to perpare for glueing it on while I need to find a solution for the backrests in the cockpit.
The weather is nice and warm. Summer feels unusual to me at the moment.

So long, have a great day


Short stop in LA

Making the best out of a 5hr stop over

On our way

> Long time no hear. These last weeks have been crazy. Finishing the jobs I loved, preparing the house to be left and saying goid-bye to family and friends -and to my beloced cat- was hard and left me with a lot of tears. On this 1,5 day journey to NZ I can finally change my focus and start looking forward to all the excitement coming up. So stay tuned for the latest stories. We have two weeks if preparing Alita til we put her back into the water.
> So long, Michaela