First day

After a super cool flight with Air New Zealand on sky couch seats (3 seats form into a sofa!) we were ready for our first exciting day. Our friends picked us up and we started the crago company -customs- cargo company - freight loading area marathon of getting papers, paying fees, get another paper and pay more fees until 2,5 hrs and a breakfast later we were able to start the drive from AKL airport to Whangarei to our dear swimming - and currently on land -home Alita. A quick lunch and grocery shopping (while we had someone to drive us) later we were ready to start the work. What does a woman do before she stores new stuff? Yes, clean the boat. About 4hrs and a ahower after our friends left us Alitas living areas were clean and most of my stuff stored away and I fell into no dreams but a deep and spound 12 hr sleep night. No jet lag!
Today we're back to normal boatyard working day. Ok, I first cleaned the kitchen and tools so I could eat something. Then I set up my depserately needed means of transportation: my bike.
In the meantime we also pulled up the new deck and rolled it out to see if it fits. Except for 2 small stairs it is perfect!!! Yay. So now Marcus is grinding underneath to perpare for glueing it on while I need to find a solution for the backrests in the cockpit.
The weather is nice and warm. Summer feels unusual to me at the moment.

So long, have a great day

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