Leaving Westport

We had a great time here, I enjoyed every second of our time here. Lots to do. 
Yesterday we were at a cave rafting tour, here are some funny pix of it. Now we're leaving towards Fjordland. Still no wind today until some time tomorrow, but we have to go before the big blow comes….
So now we're just waiting for the concrete freighter to come into the harbour and then we're out. I probably won't have internet for a while, so don't worry. 


Pancake rocks


We did it. We crossed the sandbar into Westport - at high tide, min depth: 6,4m. It was a quiet day, only about 1,5m swell. 24 boats capsized last year trying to get in or out. Many people die eveey year. When crossing the bar, you're obliged to wear your "pfd": personal floating device (life jacket). We were tired of motoring so we're waiting here for sailable wind. In the meatine we enjoy nature here. Got ourselves a car this afternoon and went to the Pancake rocks and blowholes in Punakaiki. That was just gorgeous. Since it was late there were not many people and the evening light was just perfect. Tomorrow I am going horseback riding in the morning and then we go on a hike. The day after that we'll be doing something on the river. So cool...

Here is our berth in Westport: