Good-bye to sailing dream

Such a long time has passed since my last entry. It looks like many of my blog entries have not been published from the system. Maybe memory overflow on the blogspot page as I had posted so many photos.

We finished our Alaska / British Columbia /Washington experience by sailing to Victoria, Port Friday Harbour (San Juan Island), Port Angeles and Port Neah Bay. We visited all these places while waiting for the right passage weather to sail south. After two weeks of waiting we finally had a decent long weather window which took us all the way to San Francisco with a one night stop at Bodega Bay (where the Alfred Hitchcock movie „birds“ was mainly shot). We arrived in SF at a time when the fires were going on. So despite it being a clear, beuatiful day, the air was full of smoke. At least we got a good view oft he Golden Gate bridge as we motored under it. Once you get to  the other side of the bridge, you get some nice wind going which makes for awesome sailing. However, since our destination, the St. Francis Yacht Club, was just behind the brigde, we did not bother pulling out these big sheets of fabric called sails. At the Yacht Club we got prime estate slip with view to the bridge on one side and SF on the other side. 

We celebrated our California arrival with drinks at the prestigious Yacht Club. It’s more of a social place, not so much a sailing place. They have the prime view, but not really space for any boats except for a dozen of sailing dinghys. So there is not really a sailing community.

After four days in SF – having walked the major tourist attractions, done some groceries and having bought some boat parts we left the big city to sail further south towards our destination – Marina del Rey. We stopped at Ventura Yacht club for 3 nights as not to  be in LA too early. Why? My brother, Alex, flew in on the 19th of November from Germany to welcome us together with our stepmother. The nice surprise was, that my friend Mary came out to Ventura to welcome us! That was such an exciting moment to acutally have a friend waiting for you, greeting you in and helping with the lines. Wow!
So we waited and were lucky that the weather played with us. We arrived in Marina del Rey on schedule at 4pm on Nov 20, 2018. What a day. Many dolphins guided us the way home. They visited us and put on a nice show for us. Just before sunset we pulled into our slip at the beautiful California Yacht Club, where we greeted Alex and my stepmom in person. Finally. It was a magic night. I was soso happy to give them a big hug. It was so very special to have my family there to welcome us into our last port!!! We had snacks and wine on land at a fire place directly in front of Alita, enjoying the sunset and the beautiful evening sky. Once it got cold we went aboard, where we had a wonderful salmon dinner together. It was so exciting to have my stepmom on board after she had followed my trip over th last 7 years. She loved finally meeting Alita. The salmon was caught on my dad’s birthday. My dad was a sailor as well. So in his honour and thanking him for watching over us in those years of travelling we enjoyed that wonderful alaskan silver salmon. 

In Marina del Rey my personal sailing journey on Alita found its end. It was a magical journey, where I have learned a lot. About myself, about nature, sailing and food. It was not always easy. But once you learn to cope with whatever comes up, it is a great life. And I miss it already. Keeping my masochism going (just kidding), I just bought a VW Vanagon (T3 bus) for travels – and repairs – on land. I am already enjoying that new adventure called Betty. 

So while Alita is now in Mexico with her new owners who are being accompanied by Marcus until they reach Florida, I started my new landlife already. Exciting. 

It was great to come to the city, doing things I might have mised. But honestly, it’s already too much for me. Can’t wait to get out again. Betty will carry me to more lonely places. So, from sailing to driving, but always on the move. 

There will be a blog from Betty adventures. I will post a link soon. 

Thank you to everyone who has been following our sailing trip over the last years. I hope you all enjoyed it!

Cheers, Michaela