Kiwi - the video

Here is the video of "our" Kiwi. Enjoy.

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In the meantime we safely arrived in Dunedin. It was a tough ride. We started in a storm so that we would sail a bit at all and to arrive before we get 25 knots of wind on the nose. SO we started at up to 40 knots and 3-4m seas, After about 5 hrs the wind started to calm down and after about 12 hrs of sailing we were back to the known: motoring. At about 9:20 we arrived at the Otago Yacht club and we are safely rafted up to a probably 45 ft Hallberg Rassy sailing yacht. We took a long shower, did some washing, I took a nap and we headed off towards the astonishingly beautiful Dunedin. A very Scottish city with about 120.000 people, 20.000 of which are students. I’ll write more these days and send pictures. But let me tell you, this is quite a unique and historic place. And very beautiful and clean. 

Arriving at Harrington Point

Boys high school

Catholic church
In the city center

New Zealand's most beautiful railway station

Just a typical street

Our current home.