Panorama shots Vava'u

Here are some panorama shots that I did the last two weeks and stitched them together thanks to my new software. Enjoy!

Long exposure shots: Kenutu island, Vava'u / Tonga

Thanks to my new Neutral Density Filters I can now do long exposure pictures. I have admired them for so long, so happy that now I can do them. This here is the perfect place to do them. Enjoy!


Great fun Vava'u

While some official does not like any boaties and makes us leave after 4 months (you used to be able to extend the tax exemption of the boat for up to one year) we are enjoying our last days in Vava'u / Tonga. Unless the resolution is pulled back from the new CEO of customs, who should start next week as the old one, who limited our stay, resigned we have to leave Tonga by Oct 6th, which is two weeks earlier than planned and necessary. Anyways, we have to deal with it, we don't know how yet. Depends on the weather. The other cruisers that have to leave sail to Fiji.
Meanwhile we are still enjoying the beauty of the country with our friends on board. They are all faszinated, as are we. We found two new spots that we love.
And we went to the caves again, this time both Swallow's cave (swim im) and Mariner's cave (dive in). The light was even better than last time where I already had thought that you can't top it...Here are some pix of our great time the last two weeks.