Rio Grande

On monday we safely arrived in Rio Grande. We had a gread trip. In the beginning I thought it would take us 4.-5 days because we had wind against us and we did not go fast. But that changed after a bit more than a day. The wind picked up and we sailed just under the genua mostly around 8-9 knots. It was a very good ride.

It took us almost the whole day until sunset to sail along Ilha Santa Catarina. In the end, the reward was a beautiful sunset.

Then for the last day a cute little visitor came. His name? I don't know. Did he ask us? No. But we let him stay anyway.

He must have lost his way. When he boarded Alita we were 40nm (75km!) away from the coast, just east of Puerto Alegre. There was no way he could fly home. He tried a couple of times to fly away, but came back within 30seconds. He was just too exhausted after his trip. My heart melted when I saw this cute guy and I forgot everything else over being worried that he's fly away and die. When he finally came to the cockpit to look at me

 I talked to him. He tilted his head to the side, as if he understood. I told him he could not fly away cause he'll day, that we're going to safely bring him to land and that he should look for shelter in our little Alita because it's more protected from the wind and there is a cosy place for him to sleep and wait.

Well, after a while of flying/hopping back and forth

he decided to check out little Alita, found a place, turned around to see the sunset and then went to bed.

 The only time he "talked" was in the morning when we arrived at land. I think he said "thank you". Did not really understand is nosy portuguese....

Rio Grande is a nice town. At first it seemed strange. On munday afternoon we tried to find a place to eat everything was closed. And we did not really find many places. Now after 5 days we (I) know almost all the area, great restaurants, shopping...I found all strange parts Marcus sent me out for to buy. Even a guy who repaired the lock of our safe. And a tree saw. And a little shop who sells all the screws you might need. So I got stainless steel screws! Rio Grande do Sul to me are at least 4 towns in one. You go around the corner and it looks different. Fínd out for yourself with all the photos. As always you only find a little excerpt here, the rest in the photogallery. http://sailing.smichah.de/#33.4

 Like the dome of cologne
 IN the supermarket
 Look at the dog in the background
 God lights from behind...
 Marine school in Rio Grande

Today we saw Flamingos! On the other side of the river, too far away to get a picture. Real, wild Flamingos. I couldn't believe it!