Neue Alita

Dear bog followers, 

it has been a long time since I have posted. The reason is that I am still not back on Alita. I left Marcus and Alita early January and wanted to come back in July to continue our trip. However unexpected happenings force me to postpone my trip back. While I enjoyed my life in LA, went home to Munich to get a surgery done and work, now had a second surgery and will work a bit more, Marcus has worked very hard and spent lots of money to make our beautiful home even more beautiful and exceptionally comfortable and safe. Alita now is an even more precious jewel. One can see how much Marcus loves her and put into her to make our life and the life of all the guests even more comfortable. Alita is like new. Marcus and Alita are now in Tonga ready to accept more guests. I September they will sail to Kiribati and I will meet them back in Samoa in the beginning of October. From there the trip continues to Fidschi via Wallis&Fortuna. In November we will sail back to New Zealand and start the round-New Zealand tour, which will be very exciting!

Here is a picture of our new Alita: 

Hope to see some of you soon!