Made it to Vanuatu

We just arrived in Port Vila, Vnuatu. The trip was a bit uncomfortable to say the least, but we made it ok no one sick. BUt we're indeed happy to lay still at anchor right now. It's raining and 3:45pm Vanuatu time, so customs/immigration/biosecurity asked us to wait til tomorrow morning for clearance. Sure, as long as we can RELAX now. In 3 days we had winds and waves from 3 directions plus a southerly swell and a period of about 15hrs where we had to morot becasue the wind was not strong enough to hold up the sail in those crazy waves. Waves with a significant height of up to 3m, topping up to 4m /12ft, a good number breaking over our boat in the back. Cross seas: standard. Cooking? Only basic. All good now, I am going to take a shower now. Yeah, just a little roll here.

My first sight of Vanuatu: not as flattened by the cyclone as I thought. But I am sure once we see the details it's devastating. Port Vila looks quite sophisticated from the sea. When we came into the bay there are lots of trees, bushes and palm trees, which obviously survived the cyclone quite well. So long, more tomorrow once we've been to town.

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We just had visitors to say good bye. Fun!

On the way to Vanuatu

So we did it, we checked out at Vuda Point. A quick and easy process. We're on the way to Port Vila, Vanuatu.
I have good memories of Fiji now, a lot of them are funny, like this store in Savusavu, where you can buy meat and have it laminated :-)