God's creation

We're softly gliding through the deep blue Pacific Ocean. Wind of 10-15 knots from behind, small waves from 170degrees to the left, Spinnaker up, Alita at her best discipline. We hardly feel we're moving, yet we're sailing at about 7 knots most of the time. The Pacific Ocean shows itself as we got to know it on the long distance: with nothing to see but this beautiful clear blue water with great visibility - only that there is nothing to see. No birds, no fish, no mammals, no boats.

So this morning in my shift I decided it would be great if god could let us know we're not alone, to cheer us up. I asked for a whale to pass by Alita close enough to see him good but in a distance that he does not hit us. Gyuri liked the idea and agreed. Then I said "now only god needs to agree and send us one. We'll see."

What can I say? In my next shift, a good 9 hours later, I had already forgotten what I had wished for and looked out over the ocean still amazed that there is no life to see when I suddenly heard a loud "puhhhh", as if someone with a lot of breath blew through a huge plastic hose. Automatically I turned my head, not thinking I would see anything, as this tremendously huge whale appeared right next to our boat, maybe 10-156m (33-50ft) away, and softly glided through the water. I was so amazed and surprised, it took me a while to be able to yell "whale". My exes were focussed on this elegant, long grey back of the whale, swimming side by side with Alita. I did not see his head or tail, but from the back I am sure it was at least Alita's size and we think it must have been a "Pottwal" (don't know the english expression, it's Moby Dick in grey). Gyuri got a glance of it, but by immediately going down to get his camera he missed a good part and Marcus, who came up from his bed, did not see him at all. I am still stunned, can't beleive this has happened and how god reacted to my wish. Isn't it amazing? This cannot be a coincidence. I have experienced this before. It's only if you wish from deep indside and you're really in need of a sign that your wish will be granted for. Gyuri asked if I had another one and I said, I can't overdo it, it won't work. You feel it inside when the time has come. That might sound strange to you, but that's what I feel and experienced on this trip and in my life before. Last time was in Chiloe, when I really needed support from th dolphins in a tough situation, they were right there. Or Robinson Crusoe island: the dogs who walked with me to protect me. Dogs who were not even wild ones but belonged to families. But I had wished for them to join me.

Anyways, we're well up and travel at good speed. ETA at Lucie island is in 3,5 days. Let's see if we can anchor there. Our current position: 25deg 59,2S an d 115deg 48,1W.

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On the way to Pitcairn

The Easter Island was an easter surprise itself. Colourful, beautiful, peacful, interesting. My uncle asked me what wildlife they have there. Well, I said, horses and cows. Cows mostly behind the fence, horses live wild and free -in the fields and on the streets. Ok, there is only one really good paved street across the island, then another one which is paved half the way, the rest is dirt streets. So how should the horses know? They live with the most wonderful ocean view, as you might have seen in some of my pictures. Another surprise: I had the best and most fresh ice cream on this whole trip so far. So good that I went back to that place 4 times! ONce we're in Mangareeva I will be able to upload more pictures of Easter Island. Til then, you have to live with my text writing....

We left Easter Island yesteday morning and already travelled 200nm, 1/4 of the trip to the Island called "Lucie", one of three belonging to Pitcairn Islands. We don't know if we will be able to stop at one of these islands as we need calm weather and no swell from the south in order to be able to enter the atoll. If we can't enter there we'll try the main island, Adamstown, 200nm further west. In the worst case we have to sail right by the Pitcairn islands and again 280nm straight on to Mangareeva in French Polynesia, where our island hopping of this year starts. The relaxing part of the trip after the long way across the Pacific Ocean. Mangareeva is supposed to be very beautiful, check it out on Google Earth!

So far we are travelling good, with about 140nm per day, sometimes more, sometimes less wind. The huge southerly swell of up to 5m, that we had yesterday, has gone down to 2-3m, so more bearable. Weather is good, mostly cloudy and a lot colder than expected, which I do not mind at all.

I will write again as soon as we have news. Current position: 26degresse 19'S and 112degrees 54'W.

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Easter Island pictures

All I can say about this island: beautiful, colourful, perfect weather, a must for anyone who loves culture and archeological findings. Here are some pix. More on the photogallery later.

Sunset on the way
 Arriving in bay Vinapu on the south east side of the island
 Moai in Anakena beach, our current anchorage

 See Alita? 3rd from the right

 Typical rock carving from many, many years ago. Here a fish.

 15-20 knots wind lets some good waves hit the south-easterly coastline - here in one of the favourite anchorages of the island. The last sailboat moved to where we are yesterday. I wonder why. ....All visiting sailboats are now in the same bay. ..