Leaving for Dusky Sound

We're leaving for Dusky Sound today. Unfortunately our meeting with friends here was just a couple of minutes because tue company they do the overnight cruise with (Real Experience) showed themselves very uncooperative in letting them take a later bus back to Te Anau although spaces were available. The company wanted 88$ (!!!) per person to change a trip they habe already paid for. That's unbeleivable. I am very sad about this because I was so looking forward to at least a couple of hours together instead of 2 minutes. All we got to see of each other was the hand over of some fresh produce they were so kind to have bought for us and taken with them because we ran out of fresh (and shortly will again) and have another 2-3 weeks to go before the next shopping possibility. Oh well, what can you do.

We were also so much looking forward to seeing Billy and Wilma again. Unfortunately Billy had to run off yesterday morning so we just had a couple of hours sunday night. At least we got to catch up a little bit with out friends here.

Unfortunately now my Laptop MacBook decided to not work correctly anymore. Seems like the only possible fix is a complete new installation. I will loose data and I need fast and lots of internet which is available only -if at all- at high and I don't know where our next chance will be. And I don't know if I can fix it at all. Runs only on one instead of 3 processors, my virtual machine with windows 7 blocks the rest and I can't stop it from doing so although windows is shut down and parallels shut off. Might need to look for Mac help or get a new one. Both sucks. If it weren't for the composing program I probably would just go back to my old installation with the old MacOS. Maybe I will and give up the composing other than on the phone. I don't know. A bit frustrated now.

There also won't be any pictures on the blog other than from my phone - which however I use most of the times anyways.

But, the next probably 3 weeks we're without internet anyways. I might be able to get some sentences through via sailmail but you can't count on that.

So long, Michaela